For investors

Protect your money from inflation. Thanks to rising property prices and rental incomes, this is a safe investment with a guaranteed return.

Yield up to 7% p.a.

We credit the evaluation to your account every month.

Invest and travel

Investing in our company provides our clients exclusive benefits.


Investment in real estate properties in touristically sought-after locations.

Protection against inflation

Real estate prices protect against inflation.


Select which currency is more suitable for you to invest in.

No fees

For your investments, we do not charge any fees.


Our company is the sole owner and the properties are not encumbered with a bank mortgage. You can invest starting from 50.000 CZK / 2.000 €

What should I invest in?

For recreational properties with year-round use in attractive and sought-after locations.

How does the investment process work?

The company formed a long-term debt document with a simple and transparent ownership structure.

Why invest?

Protect your money from inflation. Due to rising property prices and rental income, it is a safe investment with a fixed yield.


Basic information about the bond 7% p.a.


Euro HoLiday House s.r.o.

Nominal value

50.000 CZK

Purpose of issuance

Financing the purchase of real estate.

Due date

6 years.

Payout of profit


Base for calculating interest


The above information is a promotional message. We declare that approval of the base prospectus should not be seen as confirmation of securities that are offered or accepted for trading on a regulated market. We recommend that potential investors read the base prospectus along with its final terms before making an investment decision, in order to fully understand the potential risks and returns associated with the decision to invest in securities.

0 % p.a.

The total gross yield.

0 % p.a.

Overall net yield

0 % p.a.

Monthly net yield


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